Bituing Marikit

(1926) Cervando Angeles

PERFORMERS: Joseph Legaspi, baritone & Davis Hart, piano

Translated as "Beautiful Star", Abelardo utilizes text from a sarswela (a postcolonial hybrid of the Spanish zarzuela) written by Servando delos Angeles. Utilizing the rhythmic pattern of the danza, the piece speaks of a lover desperate to be shone light from a beloved whom he heralds as a distant and unreachable star. It was eventually used in 1937 as the title song for a film, and has now become a staple in the repertoire of most Filipino singers.

The lyricist of Bituing Marikit, Cervando Angeles lived in Marikina City. His ancestral home still stands and is a few blocks away from Joseph's home in Marikina.

Bituing Marikit

Bituing marikit sa gabi ng buhay
Ang bawat kislap mo'y ligaya ang taglay
Yaring aking palad iyong patnubayan
At kahit na sinag ako'y bahaginan

Natanim sa puso ko yaong isang pag-ibig
Na pinakasamba sa loob ng dibdib
Sa iyong luningning laging nasasabik
Ikaw ang pangarap, bituing marikit

Lapitan mo ako, halina buitin
Ating pag-isahin ang mga damdamin
Ang sabik kong diwa'y huwag mong uhawin
Sa batis ng iyong wagas na pag-giliw Beautiful Star

Beautiful star in the night of life

Each sparkle from you bears joy
Guide my fortunes
And share with me even just a ray of light

Planted in my heart is this one love
Center of worship within my breast
Always hungry for your light
You are the dream, beautiful star

Come close to me, come O star
And let us make all feelings one
Do not let my parched soul thirst
In the waters of your pure love.

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