Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang


Translated as "Though You Are But A Dream", the premise is typical among today's many popular songs (perceived to be modern-day serenades): a lover hopeful and pining for another. What substantiates the inclusion of this piece in this repertoire is its value as a composition. Simple yet affecting, the melody aptly expresses the sentiments of the text’s persona. More so, the evening plays an integral part in the piece, bringing to the fore the association of blissful dreaming and sentiments for a loved one.


Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang

Hating gabi, gising pa't naghihintay
Na maidlip at nagbibilang ng tala,

Sa karamihan nito'y mayroong isang natatangi
At sa tuwing tatanawin
Mukha mong nasasa-isip

Ewan ko ba, bakit pa nagpakita pa
Sa panaginip sana'y mamasdan ka sa tuwina

Kahit na di na gumising pa
Huwag lang malayo sa piling mo
Iniibig kahit ikay panaginip lang

Though You Are But A Dream

Midnight, I'm still awake and waiting.
Can't fall asleep and I'm counting stars.

In their vast number, only one is special

And whenever I see it, your face comes to mind.

I don't know why you appear in my dreams
But I wish I could just see you always.

I don't mind not waking up from my dream
If that means I will forever be with you.
I love you though you are but a dream

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