PERFORMERS: Joseph Legaspi, baritone & Davis Hart, piano

A sentimental and melancholic theme pervades throughout this traditional Visayan folksong. Originating from middle region of the Philippine archipelago (Kulasi, Antique), the piece is set in a minor key and written in slow triple time similar to many kundimans. The song's persona bids a sad farewell to his lover, urging her to look toward the direction of his departure should she begins to miss him. Several versions shift to a major key in the middle section, intensifying the piece’s emotion by casting hope in the persona’s possible change of heart.

Dandansay Translation-

Dandansoy, I am leaving you
I am going home to Payao
Should you become lonesome
Just gaze towards Payao.

Dadansoy, if you follow
Do not even bring water
Should you become thirsty
Dig a well along the road.

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